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The Fund Manager outperformed the U.S. S&P 500 by 11% over a historically bad economic period!

EMF Performance Graph

Note: Equity Momentum Fund, LP (EMF) net performance has been audited and verified for years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 by Judd, Thomas, Smith and Company, P.C. the Fund's accounting firm. Fiscal 2007 return was for the Fund's Special General Partner acct.-annualized.

Numerous times in 2009 & 2011 EMF was ranked in the Top Ten among Market Neutral Funds in Barclay's Monthly Hedge Fund Performance Rankings

Barclay Hedge
Hedge Fund Performance Rankings

Top 10 Equity Market Neutral Hedge Funds - Past 12 Months
From January-2009 to December-2009

Ranked by Compound Annual Return

Program Name or Manager
12-Mo. Comp Annual Return
1. Empiric market Neutral Fund LP
2. SG Cedar Street Offshr Mrkt Ntrl
3. Tech Alpha Fund Ltd
4. Brookdale Global Opportunity Fund
5. Nantahala Capital Ptnrs LP
6. Brookdale Intl Partners LP
7. Equity Momentum Fund LP
8. Fiera N. American Market Neutral II
9. Turner Market Neutral LP
10. Sabre Style Arbitrage Fund Ltd USD

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* Sourced from Barclay's Monthly Hedge Fund Ranking Report. EMF was in the top 15% among all market neutral and long/short funds in 2011.

"The performance has been quite remarkable."

January 26, 2012

"A historic transformation of the global economy is ongoing. A collapse in housing prices and ensuing mortgage crisis that threatened the solvency of US banks morphed into a sovereign debt crisis in Europe that imperils the union." "...The resulting uncertainties and intervention by fovernments and central banks to mitigate the adverse impact of these events make for a challenging investment environment."

"Risk management is critical. Return on capital must be weighed against return of capital. Unfortunately, as the right--hand side graph shows, there are limits to diversification strategies when volatility is high. Asset returns tend to correlate strongly when volatility spikes - at the very time an investor wants to hedge against risk changing macro shocks."

"The hedge fund strategy of Equity Momentum over these past years is interesting in this respect. The management of risk is achieved by constraining the length of time and time periods over which investors are exposed to risk as well as by the choice of assets that are traded. Positions are undertaken only when there is a directional signal and the expected return is high enough to justify the risk. The performance has been quite remarkable."

Dr. Wayne Lee
Professor, Alice Walton Chair, Garrison Chair in Finance

Department of Finance
Sam M. Walton College of Business
Expertise Summary
Stock Market, Corporate Finance

"...Barry's robust proprietary System has always intuitively and intellectually made sense. His System is limited exposure to the market which by its very nature removes much of the risk."

August 7, 2012

"Those of us operating business revere competence, effectiveness, honesty, and no bull. Financial advisors tell us we must have "market exposure" in our holdings. After almost taking my company public once, as well as observing all the shenanigans of the market and the Fed, that concept to me is hard to swallow. That's why Barry's robust proprietary System has always intuitively and intellectually made sense. His one of a kind System is limited exposure to the market which by its very nature removes much of the risk. We have continued to invest with him as I was able to observe he and his System during his start-up phase as we worked in very close proximity. I found him to be a man of honesty and integrity with a high-level understanding of business, economics and statistics, who has proved his mettle in the toughest market in our lifetimes. As we have wound-down our operating investments we also like the fact that we are liquid in this investment with him, and will never be risking a lengthy recoup period. His unique proprietary System is yet to fully yield it's designed opportunities, but in my view is destined to yield quality returns over time."

John Borders
Sunburst Media
Dallas, Texas